Scripted Ink farewells Head of Development Tim Pye

After two and a half years as Scripted Ink’s Head of Development, Tim Pye has announced that he is leaving the company at the end of December to continue his writing / producing career. In his time with Scripted Ink, Tim has curated and mentored the development of numerous original film, television and web series projects by writers on the AWG Pathways Program. He has also provided a huge number of opportunities for emerging writers to take part in writers’ rooms and, through the Scripted Ink Travel Grant and Internship Programs, supported many writing careers.

Scripted Ink chairman, Shane Brennan, praised Tim Pye’s commitment and dedication to getting the not-for-profit up and running, stating, “His years of experience as a writer, producer and manager were critical in selling the Scripted Ink message that writers matter.”

“Tim has been instrumental in shaping the way producers and funding bodies view writers and their critical importance in the development process. He has been unstinting in the time he has spent nurturing and developing writers and has been instrumental in helping writers understand their rights as creators,” said Brennan.

“What an enormous privilege it’s been to work as Scripted Ink’s Head of Development. Truly amazing. And what an opportunity to work so closely with such incredible writing talent and to find opportunities to progress the careers of wonderful writers. I cannot thank the board enough for their unwavering support over the last two and a half years. I’m particularly grateful to Shane and Cathryn Brennan, whose astonishing generosity enabled the creation of the Scripted Ink screen development company. It is an initiative unique in the world and I’m incredibly proud to have been part of it. I know that under the board’s excellent stewardship, the company will continue to create opportunities that exist nowhere else in the world for screen writers,” said Pye.

“On behalf of all the Board, I would like to thank Tim for his longstanding and passionate commitment to writers and to Scripted Ink,” said CEO Jacqueline Elaine. “We are incredibly fortunate that Tim took on the role during this crucial establishment phase. We simply could not have done it without him.”

The Scripted Ink Board wish Tim every success in his return to writing and producing and we look forward to working further with him as a consultant as Scripted Ink continues the important work of helping writers get their material to market.

The Scripted Ink Board
Shane Brennan, Jacqueline Elaine, Jan Sardi, Sigrid Thornton and Kim Williams AM.