Scripted Ink. announces development funding for Chris Aronsten

Scripted Ink. is excited to announce development investment in Chris Aronsten’s television series The Recogniser.

The Recogniser tells the story of Serena Haddad, a woman with an extraordinary talent for facial recognition. She is a “super recogniser”. When Serena is arrested for laundering money from her brother’s shady businesses, she finds herself trapped in a devil’s bargain – either go to prison or work covertly for the police and incur the wrath of her criminal family.

Tim Pye, Scripted Ink Head of Development sees huge potential in Chris’ project. “This is a terrific drama idea and an inventive twist on a procedural format. Chris is a very talented writer and I’m greatly looking forward to seeing what he can create with this project.”

Chris Aronsten has been working on The Recogniser for a number of months and has been funded by Scripted Ink to write a pilot script. “I’m thrilled to have the support of Scripted Ink. to develop my TV Series “The Recogniser”. It gives me the luxury of time to develop my craft, create a layered, complex pilot episode, and puts me in a much stronger position when the time comes to pitch the show to networks and producers.”