Scripted Ink. announces development funding for Warren Coleman and Stephen Abbott’s ‘Dear Evelyn’.

Scripted Ink. is delighted to announce its latest development investment in Dear Evelyn, the new feature film project from screenwriting duo Warren Coleman and Stephen Abbott. Warren and Stephen were inducted onto Pathways for their earlier feature script, The Infernal Optimist, which won the 2017 Script Showcase Callout.

Warren describes Dear Evelyn as “a passion project for us”. The story revolves around a road trip taken by Steve, his alter ego, The Sandman, and Steve’s son as they all travel back to Broken Hill, where Steve’s mum was born, to bury her ashes. The journey is punctuated by Steve’s public readings of a letter he has written to his dear departed mum, during which he confesses that The Sandman is based on her, something he never told her. And the Sandman never knew either.

“This film idea is engaging, poignant and hilarious. Steve and Warren have been working together as writers and performers for many years and they have all the requisite talent and skill to make it brilliant” said Tim Pye, Scripted Ink. Head of Development.

“We’re thankful that Scripted Ink. has responded to our curious idea”, Warren and Steve said. “Their support has allowed us to take Dear Evelyn to the next step.”