Scripted Ink. announces development investment funding in comedy web series, ‘God’s 17’

Scripted Ink. is thrilled to announce our latest development investment in the satirical comedy web seriesGod’s 17, by Pathways writing team Nir Shelter and Tai Scrivener.  Nir and Tai created and produced their first season of God’s 17 and are heading into development for their second season after coming onto the Pathways Program with their narrative comedy script Spies Girls, which was nominated in the 2018 Monte Miller awards.

“We are thrilled to have the support of Scripted Ink! Looking forward to creating a lot more God (17) bothering fun!” said Tai Scrivener.

God’s 17 is a comedy series about the lives of seventeen blissfully devout cultists, praying to an amalgamation of the major religions in their leaders’ backyard. On their webpage the ‘17’ describe their origins:

‘After finding the innate truth in all of the major religions, we combined them into the one true path and now dedicate our lives to sharing this knowledge with all.  We know that believing in something makes it a fact.’

“Scripted Ink’s generous support has afforded us the time needed to write Season 2 of God’s 17” said Nir Shelter. “We can’t wait to get started – thank you Scripted Ink.”  Producer Kristen Hodges added,  “Scripted Ink offers fantastic resources for developing a project into a market-ready script.  It’s one thing to know a script needs more work, but to actually have thorough input from very experienced writers and to be given the gift of time, is beyond invaluable.”

Tim Pye, Scripted Ink’s Head of development is enthusiastic about the project. “Nir and Tai are very talented, entrepreneurial writers and Scripted Ink is delighted to support them.  The potential of web series to capture large audiences beyond traditional broadcast and SVoD platforms is an exciting development in the way writers can launch projects and advance their careers. God’s 17 is a great example of this.”

God’s 17 has received recognition in a number of international competitions including three screenwriting awards. Season 1 is available here.

The cast of God's 17, Season 1, written by Nir Shelter and Tai Scrivener
A snapshot from Season 1 of God’s 17.