Big plans for 2018, as Scripted Ink. announces funding for three new development grants!

Big plans for 2018, as Scripted Ink. announces funding for three new development grants!

Scripted Ink. has hit the ground running in 2018, announcing three major development investment grants in new scripts from some of Australia’s most celebrated screenwriters. Judi McCrossin, Peter Gawler and Showcase co-writing duo Ella Roby and Lachlan Marks have all received funding to turn their fresh, exciting concepts into refined, market-ready screenplays.

Pathways Prime writer and showrunner, Judi McCrossin (The Time of Our Lives, The Secret Life of Us) will be receiving development money for her family sci-fi series Stranded. “The Scripted Ink. investment in my new series – Stranded– will give me the time and headspace to sit and think.  To me, that is the most important part of the writing process.”

Stranded tells the story of five elite teenagers tasked with a seemingly impossible mission – locate a habitable alternative for the human race as Earth descends into nuclear war.

Another distinguished writer from Pathways Prime, Peter Gawler, (Underbelly) will be developing his project Underworld. The series revolves around a cowardly, philandering salesman who embarks on an epic journey into the crime world of Indonesia to rescue his missing daughter.  “My thanks to the Scripted Ink team for supporting Underworld,” said Peter, “Shane Brennan’s extraordinary generosity and vision means a dream project I’ve held close to my heart for years finally has a chance of becoming reality.”

Scripted Ink. is joining Beyond Entertainment in their development of Underworld.

“Scripted Ink is hugely excited to be supporting these three, fantastic and diverse drama projects.   Judi and Peter have excellent experience in writing and producing excellent dramas and getting them to the screen.  It’s great to be able to support them in developing ideas that are their own.  It’s also brilliant to be working with David Ogilvy at Beyond in co-developing Peter’s project.” Said Tim Pye, Scripted Ink.’s Head of Development. “And Ella and Lachlan are a massive writing talent with a truly original idea.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what all these writers can do with the opportunity to work on their own material.”

Small Townis a mystery drama series about three unlikely partners brought together to investigate a series of unexplained disappearances and murders. “Scripted Ink.’s commitment to supporting Australian writers and willingness to invest in genre-based projects will no doubt prove to be a vital stepping stone in our career as a writing team,” said co-writers Ella Roby and Lachlan Marks, “We’re passionate about Small Town and grateful for this amazing opportunity which allows us the time and resources to explore its potential”.

Both Ella and Lachlan are a part of the Pathways Showcase cohort. Lachlan’s horror/adventure short, Fingers, was shortlisted as part of the 2016 Monte Miller Award. Ella was inducted to Pathways after being nominated for the 2016 John Hinde Award for her sci-fi comedy series Portlagate, alongside co-writer Zahid Gamieldien.

Ella and Lachlan have paired with BAFTA-winning US Producer Jonny Paterson to develop the project. “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Ella and Lachlan, two outstanding young writers, on this ambitious project. Small Townprovides a fresh and unique narrative that also draws on some of my favourite TV tropes in a manner that I’ve never seen attempted before. Furthermore, the cross-platform potential of Small Town is also something that excites me greatly as we look to find new and innovative ways of storytelling.”


Australian Screenwriters Judi McCrossin, Peter Gawler, Ella Roby and Lachlan Marks are all funding recipients of Scripted Ink.

Clockwise from the top left: Judi McCrossin, Peter Gawler, Ella Roby and Lachlan Marks