Scripted Ink. partners with distinguished screenwriter, Ian Simmons

Scripted Ink. is thrilled to announce its latest development investment in a television drama project created by Ian Simmons. With support from Screen Australia’s Enterprise funding program, Scripted Ink has funded a writers room to develop Ian’s project The Creeps, a supernatural mystery series in which two unlikely young women join forces to investigate the truth behind Australia’s many myths and legends.

Ian chose to work with experienced drama writers Sam Meikle and Cathy Strickland in developing his project. Angela MacDonald (Doctor, Doctor) was also selected from the AWG’s Pathways Program to work with the team.

Ian, who has worked extensively on primetime comedy programs such as Good News Week, Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell and The Sideshow, found the writers room to be incredibly useful. “The funding and support from Scripted Ink. has given us the opportunity to put together a brilliant writers’ room and accelerate the development of the series. The Creeps is really coming to life”, he said.

Writer's Room for Ian Simmons' The Creeps

From left to right: Angela MacDonald, Sam Meikle, Ian Simmons and Cathy Strickland

The Creeps by Australian Screenwriter Ian Simmons

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